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IPB Property Management
Gold Coast

About Us

IPB Property Management is an independent property management team specialising solely in property management services.

We understand that your property is a valuable asset and must not be rented out to just anyone.

At IPB Property Management, we will work with you to establish your goals and expectations.
We believe owning an investment property should be a profitable and enjoyable experience.

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We are a boutique property management company specialising exclusively in managing investment properties for our clients who wish to build wealth.


Our clients include first-time investors and seasoned players in the property investment market.


Unlike traditional real estate companies, we focus solely on property management. We are dedicated to finding high-quality tenants, eliminating rental vacancies and maximising our clients' rental returns while making all aspects of property investment as seamless as possible.


We do not take shortcuts and ensure you, as our valued client, will be treated personally with care taken at all stages of the rental agreement.


Our mission is to ensure that all aspects of the tenancy will be treated personally while ensuring ethical compliance with the relevant statutory Act.


We will value your property as if it was our own. Last but not least, we undertake to make your tenancy experience an enjoyable experience.


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The Company Principal

I am Callum Spence, the Principal of IPB Property Management. I was born and have lived on the Gold Coast my entire life. For many years I have owned and operated several service businesses on the Gold Coast, including a courier service, landscape & gardening and swimming pool maintenance in support of property management.


Each of the businesses I operated was successful, principally because I make it a rule to understand my client’s requirements and always strive to exceed their expectations. To achieve this level of service requires a high level of commitment and customer service excellence. My clients looked to me to provide them with a trusted, confident, caring and individualised service tailored to their expectations.


I now focus on the property management sector because it is my experience that many larger real estate agencies see property management only as a business sideline, run by junior staff, to help sell homes and investment properties.


As an investor myself, I acknowledge that any property is a significant investment and must be managed diligently to achieve the best possible income returns and growth in value.